January 23, 2017

Newborn Top Ten Essentials

Welcome back for another blog post. Today I will be talking about Newborn top ten essentials. Its very helpful too see what other moms use for their newborn. Every baby is different and what works for that baby may not work for your baby. I will be sharing my essentials and recommendations. My second baby liked different things then my first and it was sure different as well because my baby was a preemie.

My first essentials are diapers, diaper rash cream, baby wipes and diaper bag. Their are disposable diapers which is my preference because its easier and their are always coupons out their to save you money or their are cloth diapers. The diaper rash cream that I love and works really well is the Original Boudreaux's Butt Paste. When it comes to wipes I really don't mind using any brand I know moms like using the water wipes, but its all about preference. I know new moms can go a little overboard with diaper bags and buy too many or just not the right one, make a list of what your baby really needs and from their decide what kind and size of diaper bag would work for you.

My second essential is baby clothes and blankets, now I wouldn't recommend buying too much newborn items they grow out of that size super quick the size 0-3 months and 3 months are a great size to have more of variety. If you plan too have a baby shower usually guest give out more bigger size's then smaller size's, I experienced that on both of my baby showers. I bought basic pieces like onsies, swaddle blankets, one piece outfits and of course a few cute outfits, some socks, burp cloths, bibs and baby towels.

My third essential is a type of bed, their are many ways where a baby can sleep. Some moms use bassinets for the first few months and then transferred to their cribs. I wouldn't recommend putting your baby to sleep in the same bed with you nor laying the baby on its belly do to "SIDS"

My fourth essential are pacifiers, bottles, bottle sterilizer and Formula. Some mothers are able to breastfeed their babies with no difficulties, but their are mothers who don't produce enough or no milk. I wasn't able to produce milk even though I tried many strategies. So for me I had no choice to use bottles for my baby. I used two different kid of bottles, I used the Dr. Browns bottles and the Playtex vent aire bottles; This types of bottles helped my baby for his colic's. When it comes too pacifiers it can be tricky, their are so many on the market you just need to find one that your baby enjoys and stick with it. Formula again can me an item that could be a challenge a lot of babies have digestive problems and cant handle a certain type of milk.

My fifth essential are colic drops. Both of my babies had bad colic's, but again it all depends on your baby and if their being breastfeed or not.

My sixth essential is a car seat and stroller. I have such a hard time finding the right stroller I tend to be picky. I like a light weight stroller, compact, cute and in the affordable side. I have looked high and low and I am really happy with the one I bought [check my baby haul post].

My seventh essential is a first aid kit . My baby first aid kit includes baby medicine, a aspirator, thermometer,nail clipper, hair comb,baby shampoo and lotion. Its important to be careful because some babies have really sensitive skin. I use the SheaMoisture brand, because my baby was having an allergic reaction to other shampoos.

My eighth essential is a bouncer, a swing and a gym mat, I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have this two items in my life. I am happy my baby enjoys this items.

My ninth essential is a baby carrier, bath tub and detergent. A baby carrier is great for quick runs to the store or even if your just walking around your neighborhood. Their are so many bath tubs to choose from, but honestly their is no need to pay so much money for one.

My tenth essential is a baby monitor. Their are so many too chose from. I would recommend the owlet or if you are looking for a more affordable item the Snuza Hero, it helps us moms to rest more at night.

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