July 11, 2016

New Born Essential Hual

I am so happy to be blogging again and it couldn't have been better to start off with a post about new born essentials. This items are the exact items I bought for my soon to be new born. I am currently six months pregnant and before time flies I had to get the most basic important items.

I wanted a play yard for my baby so I can have it next to my bed, this particular one from Baby R Us seemed to be perfect for me because it works for the night as well for the day once the baby sits and stands for his play time. It it is flexible enough when you travel and the size is just right.  Fisher Price Play Yard

A must essential for me has to be a stroller; now if your a mom on a budget and this is your second child I highly recommend this stroller from Walmart. I wanted something chic that would go with my personality yet I wanted it too look appropriate for a boy. It took me many trips to the stores and many online sites to find the right one. I really am happy with this stroller and it was inexpensive.
Urbini Turni Travel System

I took a risk and bought my new born a swing and a bouncer. With my first born I used the bouncer all the time, it was very useful for when i wanted to cook, clean or if I just needed a brake from holding him. The swing came very in handy for him as well when he was a little older, their was a period where he wasn't able to fall asleep and needed extra help and the only thing that sooth him was the swing. Every baby is different and I hope my second child would enjoy this items, because they sure are very helpful.
Fisher Price Swing
Disney Finding Nemo Bouncer

I had the hardest time finding a cute diaper bag that was less than $100 until I came across this black JJ Cole Backpack Diaper Bag. I am obsessed with this item. This diaper bag is very specious and perfect when my son hits his toddler years.
JJ Cole Backpack

I have tried many bottles with my first born and as a infant care giver I was also able to try and see the difference from all the different bottles their is on the market and for me I really enjoy the Philips Avent Natrual Bottles. I can not  breast feed my child so bottles are a big must for me, but if your are planning to just breastfeed or do both maybe their are other better options.
Philips Avent Natural Bottles

I couldn't believe when I saw this Fisher Price whale tub, which was the same one my first born had and it worked very well for me so I didn't hesitate to buy the same one for my second son. This tub is not only cute but budget friendly too.
Fisher Price Whale Tub

Skin care for baby's can be very tricky it all depends on your new born needs. Most baby's have sensitive skin others have eczema. I have not purchased any shampoo or lotion for my baby yet until he is born but this set is what I would get for my newborn.
Aveeno Twin Pack

When it comes to health essentials I am a big believer to always be prepared, a thermometer, a care kit, Infant Tylenol and Gas relief  is something  all moms should have at home for their new born.
Forehead Thermometer
Infant Tylenol
Mylicon Gas Relief
Baby Care Kit

Hitting to the most basic items baby need at a daily are clothing, blankets, burb cloths, as well as diapers, diaper cream and wipes.  I will be making another post "Whats in my diaper bag" and the items that worked for my baby.
Swaddle Blankets

Thank you for vising my blog and I hope this Post was very helpful for new moms to be and if you have a request or any questions please be free to leave a comment or send me an email.

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