December 12, 2016

Third Trimester Essentials

I am so glad to finally be able to blog again. I wanted to share my third trimester essentials that I used and worked for me and other tips. Unfortunately I did not finish my full term pregnancy. I had my son at thirty three weeks. I will be blogging about my delivery soon.

I had a few essentials that I used. First and most important is to continue with your prenatal vitamins as well as any type of stretch mark creams or oils. For my last trimester I was more consistent with my exercises the only thing I did was walking, I walked everyday until I delivered. I kept hydrated and I also enjoyed drinking tea and the tea I used was organic third trimester tea by earth mama angle baby. I did not experience any heart burn with my second pregnancy, but from my first one I did and I took tums it helped with the discomfort.  Thank you for reading and if you have any questions be free to leave a comment, email me or reach me through my social media ( instagram).

Tums $4
Organic Tea $6

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