December 13, 2016

My Labor and Delivery Story

I feel completely blessed to be able to experience motherhood again. This is my second pregnancy and it was completely different then my first one. To start off I found out I was expecting with my second child on February of 2016 around 4 p.m after work. I was noticing weird food diversion and nausea for about a week, I was also two weeks late so that's when it hit me and decided to take a pregnancy test. After two test both of them came back positive! It was a big surprise, but I was very happy and shared the news to my family.

My whole pregnancy was difficult, the hardest part was the first six months when I experience all day sickness, after the six months I was diagnosed with PUPPP (a horrible rash) that apparently doesn't go away until you give birth, but I found remedies that helped (see second trimester essential post) by my seventh month I was feeling a little better until I was 33 weeks pregnant I was having minor cramps, by the second day of having cramps I called my obgyn and she recommended me to head over to the hospital just to make sure everything was going well. After checking I was one centimeter dilated,but not enough for me to go home. they gave me a shot to stop the contractions because after three hours in the hospital they were getting a little bit stronger. The shot did not do anything, so they gave me a second shot and waited, again nothing happen and I was admitted to the hospital to stay because my OB didn't want to sent me home. This is when the excitement happened, around noon they gave me a medication which was the last thing in the market that could have helped me to stop the contractions. It was horrible it made me so sick and to top it off I wasn't able to take no meds for the contractions, I slept through night with them, but really who can sleep with contractions  I felt like I was going to die. I was tired, anxious and in so much pain. Nothing was progressing, but the pain. Around seven at night they gave me one more shot at a higher dosage and nothing happen by this point I was in tears it was already two days with contractions and my ob didn't want me to deliver yet she tried the impossible to stop it. At nine p.m I was checked and I was four centimeters dilated and that's it I was already in labour and they started to prep me for delivery, I asked for the epidural and I was able to sleep through the night.

On  September fifteen at 7 a.m Joziah my baby was born, it was beautiful even though the epidural wore off and felt every pain I manage to be calm and concentrate to have my baby boy. Joziah was born at 33 weeks he was sent to the NICU immediately and couldn't do any type of bonding.
My recovery went well and fast. I was sent home after two days, but unfortunately my baby had to stay in the NICU for two weeks. It was so hard for me emotionally and physically. Although it was a hard experience I am thankful that my baby came out strong and healthy.

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