July 13, 2016

First Trimester Pregnancy Essentials

On today's Post I wanted too talk about my experience with my second pregnancy. Let me just tell you it has been completely different from my first one and my first trimester was difficult. Not was I only always tired and taking day naps, but I also experienced horrible morning sickness ( more like all day sickness). I'll be showing some essentials that helped me pass by my first trimester as well of other items.

I was four weeks pregnant when I found out I was expecting. I felt a little nauseous thinking I just had a bad meal and I was two weeks late on my menstrual, so after a pregnancy test I confirmed that I was caring another baby. I was very happy and blessed to be a mother one more time, But  like I mentioned I experienced all day sickness I couldn't keep some foods down, smells bothered me and some items that I tried too sooth my morning sickness was saltine crackers and preggie pops (which taste yummy). Nothing else helped me, they are other remedies like taking ginger tea or using the sea band but this items were a miss for me. When I couldn't take the nausea my only solution was to lay down. I had Nausea for five months witch is more than other pregnant moms experience, but I am happy that I did it with out taking any medications. I was prescribed anti nausea medication called Diclegis, I personally didn't feel comfortable taking the meds, but I would do my research before taking anything while being pregnant. I was one of those moms that wasn't able to take the prenatal vitamins, I did for the first two months, but for my third, fourth and fifth month their was no way I was able to take them so as an alternative I purchased gummy prenatal vitamins and I took those until I was able to take my regular prenatal vitamins.

               Saltine Crackers            Preggie Pop Drops          Gummy Prenatal Vitamins 

I didn't really start to show until I was about two months and a half but an item that helped me so I can still use my regular jeans was a band. This helped me for a few months until I had to buy maternity jeans, but if you can get away of not buying some it will save you money just because maternity jeans are pricey. I have tried the Palmers stretch mark cream but honestly I felt like it didn't do anything for me on my first pregnancy that is why I decided to try something else. I heard wonders about the pure 100% organic shea butter and I decided to give it a try and its an amazing product. I highly recommend it.

                                                    beband      Organic Shea Butter

This are a few of the items I used for my first trimester, I hope you enjoyed reading and that this items work for you. I will be posting a second trimester essentials soon. Have any questions be free to leave a comment or email.

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