January 9, 2017

Winter Night Time Skin Care Routine

To start of I have extreme dry skin during winter to the point where my skin starts peeling, I am also acne prone. For years I have struggled in finding the right products for my skin. I finally found items that definitely work for me. I need products that prevents my skin from getting acne, help my dry skin and prevent wrinkles. To remove my face and eye makeup I use the Neutrogena oil free eye makeup remover and towelettes their the best for removing my makeup I have tried other products, but this are my too go products .For my cleanser I have used the Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Cleanser/ Mask for years and it has never disappointed me. Once in a while I would use the Clear Pore oil-eliminating astringent only when I have a stubborn pimple. Another acne treatment that is my holly grail is the clean and clear advantage acne spot treatment I have been using this product since high school, highly recommend it. once I am done with my acne treatments I would apply my Lancome visionnaire Serum, this product is amazing! it helps the texture on my skin. For moisturizers I alternate with two, every other day I would use the Lancome Visionnaire Multi Correcting Cream and the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. For the days that my skin needs extra care with moisture I would use the Tatcha Pure cleansing oil. I do love using masks, but for me I need to be very careful do to some mask brake me out, but I love using Asian name brand sheet masks, they don't brake me out and actually work. For my eye cream I have been enjoying the Aphrodite olive oil eye cream. Thats sums up my winter skin care routine.I really hope you lovelies enjoyed today's post.

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