August 1, 2016

Second Trimester Pregnancy Essentials

Ever since I reached my second trimester my pregnancy became much smoother when it came to my all day sickness. You do get a brake in your second trimester before you hit your third trimester, but on this post ill be talking about a few essentials that can be helpful.

First, by this time your are definitely showing by now and have in mind every body is different. Personally for me I gained more weight then my first pregnancy, but when it came to clothing. I had to buy a few maternity basics my number one items is maternity leggings they are the most comfortable piece to have. Now  Because were in summer here in California summer dresses were a great essential for me. I also bought a few maternity tops as well as one maternity short and two maternity jeans. I also recommend a comfortable sports bra or maternity bra. I am a huge believer in staying basic with maternity clothes unless your planing to become a mother once again at a short period of time.

Second are pillows I use probably like seven pillows, I need to surround myself with them so I can have a better night.

Third is to keep hydrated, drinking lots of water it's very important.

Finally is to continue taking your prenatal and applying your stretch mark cream and for some women around this time they experience heartburn, I would recommend tums, but first always consultant with your Dr.

                                     Summer Dresses/  Maternity Leggings Water Bottle

Now something that I wanted too talk about that I never experienced with my first pregnancy and it was a horrible experience was that I developed a symptom called PUPPP ( pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy) Its not that commend in pregnant women but in some cases it is developed usually around the last trimester,but can happen as soon as your first trimester. PUPPP is a certain rash that women get mostly on their stomach, chest and neck and can gradually spread to your arms and legs. The rash is an intense itching and the worst part is that apparently their is no cure for it until you give birth. I knew I was not going to be able to handle this insane rash so I began my research and it took me a few days to find out what I can do to sooth this rash. I tried hydrocortisone, I applied oatmeal, aloe vera and it was just making my itch worse, I had to stop applying my stretch mark creams and body wash as well as any type of lotion. Thankfully I tried cold showers and it helped very little, applying ice helped the most at least before bedtime so I could get some rest. Continuing my research all the women who experienced the same thing tried pretty much everything I did, until I read about three moms that had something in common and had amazing results. They did two methods and one of them were all the same. They took two glasses of V8 juice everyday! and some applied lotion or they used the old grandpas tart soap, which I heard its a life saver as well, but I started with just taking the juice twice a day and continuing applying ice or taking cold showers. After a week and half I noticed the rash was disappearing from my neck and chest and after two weeks the rash was completely gone from my body. I couldn't believe it. The juice actually worked and I continue taking it at least once a day.

I hope this information can help other moms who are experiencing this PUPPP syndrome.

Thank you for reading.

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