September 25, 2011

Mila kunis makeup tutorial

today's post is a makeup tutorial, its my first makeup tutorial just because i don't know how to apply makeup very well, but i had so much fun i really hope you like it as well and thank you for watching

Her make up:

eye- lorac eyeshadow
eyeliner- mac photogravure liner
mascara-hypnose drama mascara
lipstick- ysl no. 1
blush- stila cream blush
bronzer- dior bronzer

My recreation:
eyeshadow's- lancome pigment in bronze lights
eyeliner- lancome black eye liner
mascara- hypnose drama,loral in voluminous million lashes,remmel in glam eyes
lipsitck- tresndy mauve
blush- nyc in pinch
bronzer- nyc bronze


Anonymous said...

Great first tutorial! I loved it!

Aggie602 said...

I enjoyed it and think you did a great job!

MsRinz said...

great job! i love mila kunis makeup style too! :)

Anonymous said...

muy bien hecho! so proud of you!

Tere said...

perfect tutorial, i love them!


Lizbeth-Glamstyln' said...

hola hola .. girl you are so good in front of the camera I did my first video a fews weeks ago and wasn't as clear as yours... way to go love the look.. have the same Mag...LOL
I am now following you are so pretty hun

I invite you to check out my blog...hope you like it

Paulina Mo said...

Cute tutorial, love the eyeshadow!!


I DONT KNOW said...

I need that Mag!!! I love Mila great video :D

Melina-Lajolie said...

thx for your lovely comment!!
love mila :)
would you like to follow each other?
melina from

le sorelle said...

Great job! Your makeup looks even better than hers! :)

sorelle in style

Olya said...

You look so cute:) loved the tutorial! Beautiful eyes! :)

Fabrizia said...

Nice tutorial! Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

Cosa mi metto???

Ashley Murphy said...

Loved the tutorial, it is so beautiful! Nicely done and you make it look so easy too. Following you now :)


Tenaca said...

Loved the tutorial!!! The makeup look is gorgeous!!! You look so pretty!<3

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