July 15, 2011

One lovely blog award

Thank you to hilda i was able to resive this award, my very first one  from http://www.stylewithhilda.com/ for nominating me for the 'One lovely blog award'!

Rules for the one lovely blog award:
- Thank and link the blogger who has given you the award.
- Copy and paste the logo in your blog.
- Share 7 things about yourself.
- Nominate 16 other great bloggers.
- Comment and let them know of the award.

The seven things about myself...
1. Im affriad of driving on the freway.
2. Im addicted to shopping.
3. Im so addicted to hello kitty since jr high
4. I hate cooking.
5. I used to look like a guy lol.
6. I have more guy friends then girl friends.
7. I day dream all the time im a perfessional dancer.lol
1My new 16 favorite bloggers are...

Jenn marie



Top Style Advice said...

Oh congratulations :)



Maryam Maquillage said...

congrats on the award and thanks so much for nominating me, you're a doll!!

Angie G said...

Congrats! Love your blog. You are so pretty.
Following you :)


Cari said...

Congrats on the award and thanks for the nomination. #7, me too...lol


Shasie said...

Hey girlie! Thanks for your sweet comments to me on twitter! I'm really loving your blog too! I'm now following! Congrats on the award, I loved your facts!

Shasie of Live Life in Style
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Aggie602 said...

Congratulations on your award and hope you reach your goal of 200 followers yaay!

maquillage said...

I like you blog a lot :) Happy New Year by the way !

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