May 6, 2011

5 ways to mix and match a maxi dress

I do want to mention this was not a best video, but because i have little time and i this time was the perfect opportunity to do this viedo, So yes my hair was bad and i was really tired because i had to do this viedo like three times. but i hope you enjoy and get some tips, comment below if you guys like it and want to see more similer viedos =D
thanks for watching

1st outfit Jean jacket discounted store,fadora f21, bag f21,sandals target
2nd outfit chunky neckless F21,ring F21, bangels F21 wedges dolce vita for target
3rd outfit clutch F21,bracelet & ring F21 earrings super old
4th outfit neckless & ring is from cancun,bracelet 99 cent store
5th outfit belt old clutch and heels from F21


Carmen P. said...

Great video! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I love the way you styled the dress! Especially when you tucked in the front and made it longer in the back!!

Awesome job!!!!


Ria S said...

I like the first outfit :) It's simple but chic...

AlbeeLucky said...

Hi doll, I love this video. I think you did a great job showing how far switching up accessories can take a dress. Thanks for following by blog and I'm following right back. I was thinking about doing a limited run of my clutches and have my readers take first pick. Maybe it will happen in the next few weeks.

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