May 3, 2011

Collective haul =D

HAHA i look funny lol i was not able to edit, But anyways this is a nother collective haul.  I do want to mention this viedo is a little old im late to post it up its from two weeks ago i do appologize, but i do hope you like.

Red polda dot top you can get it hear Make me chick

Snake ring $5.00 @ burlingtons
Owl ring $4.00 @ burlingtons
Feather earings &4.00 @ burlingtons
floral heels 24.00 @ F21
Black bow pupms 20.00 @ burlingtons
Stevemadden pump 20.00 @ burlingtons
Olive pants 14.00 @ burlingtons
Hello kitty crop top 10.00 @ local fashion store
Strip mini skirt 8.00 @ local fashion store
Baby pink jeans 14.00 @ F21

come soon xoxox


Liz said...

Lucky you got those Steve Madden shoes soo cheap. I have those in 3 different styles Black Suede, Open toe Black Suede, & Gold glitter ones. I wish I would have found them on sale lol

Anonymous said...

You are too funny forgetting my

I loved the black bow pumps!

Awesome job and we should totally style the pink jeans separately and do a pic post about them at the same time to see what we each come up with?

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