March 22, 2011


Hello my lovely's this outfit that i wore was from saterday 3/19/2011 i went to a babyshower. The weather was not that great here in cali its been cold and raning so i wanted to go more dark and nurtral. I hope you enjoy this blog and dont ferget to comment =D


                                                         Top: F21
                                                         Blazer: boutique
                                                         Jeggings: Jcp
                                                         Pumps/purse: Target
                                                         Watch: burlingtons
                                                          bracelets: F21


Hot fashion mama said...

your outfit looks great

Michelle said...

Hi Bella, pretty outfit, I really like the combination!
Yes I'm Brazilian, come to visit Brazil, I think you like it :) That's so nice you're Cirius, my grandpa was from Lebanon.

Kisses xoxo

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