January 16, 2011

My first HAUL yay!!!!

this is my first Haul post, i know it might not be that interesting, but i love to see what others have to share, because you never know if you like something.

so first i went to F21, H&M, and i went to a boutique where i live.

From f21 i bought":


                                              High waisted Shorts


From H&M i bought:

                                           beautiful blazer at
                                              50% off
                                            (was $50
                                            got it for $30)

                                                  Dress w/
                                                  heart desigh

                                             Pink top made
                                             of lace

From the boutique i bought:

                                           gray/black blazer
\                                         for $30

AND before i ferget, i posted a blog where i wanted this shoes, and charlotte ruse had it but they got sold out , but i came across to a nother site and i was able to get them, they were $55, a little to expensive, but i really wanted them. I am so happy with this shoes.


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