October 24, 2010

Cancun is such a paradise.

i decided to post some pictures of cancun i just went in september-october the weather was phenomenal.
It wasnt to hot , just right, and the water, wow you cant compare it to no other place, well the bahamas is also very nice, but i love cancun the best.
Me in my hotel view, i stayed on the hilton

look at the view

besides my husband, look at the beautiful water

Me maybe i could talk about my oufit

*belt and the romper : fashion store
*shoes: cutsygirl
*jewlary: charlotte russe

so my husband and i went snorkeling at xcaret.
a water them park, two hrs away from cancun
its a natrual park, super beautiful. i was swiming
with the fishis.

yay to xcaret.

this is the veiw from the hotel, thier was 7 pools and right
on the egde of the ocean.

DOWN below are some views from xcaret.

1 comment :

lasophia said...

Xcaret! I'm so jealous. I went to cancun and playa del Carmen last September and I ran out of money to go there but I'll definitely go back one day.


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